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January 14, 2005
Just Off The Catamaran

Anything you want to tell me feel free!!


This reminds me of about 2 weeks ago, I went through Kahului to LaHaina to go snorkelling. We wnet to Boss Frog's Snorkel Shop and it was exactly $1.50 to rent a snorkel, mask and the fins. We then hitched back to mile marker 14 and jumped into the ocean and did some snorkelling. After about an hour, we got out and proceeded to look for a hitch. One came in about 10 minutes, and we were on our way into LaHaina to return the gear and get lunch, for it was about 1:45. We got dropped off about a mile short and just walked it. There was a mango tree on the way, and we stopped for a snack. You CANNOT buy mango that good. We ate our fill and added some to our bags, and then continued along the road. When we got to Boss Frog's we were tired a bit. So we went to the 'food court' in LaHaina, and watched a lady make a glass turtle out of glass rods and colour. It was amazing. After that we went back to the road, and looked again for a hitch. We got one in like a minute and were on our way back to Paia. We got home at about 6:00. It was a great saturday. Mellow. Chill. Contimplative.

Posted by: Johnny A at March 19, 2005 05:21 AM
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