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June 03, 2006
No More Comments

Comment Spam Has Taken Over - Sorry, No More Comments For A While - Till I Find A New System!! *sighs*

09:59 PM
January 20, 2006
LOOK!! I updated my upcoming events!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!
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March 02, 2005
photo.phoenixfeather 3.0
Blogging , Photography

I'm very very excited!!

I've redesigned the photo blog! This would be why the albums have been slow to come out these last few weeks. It has been a total blessing this time to have a top class designer in the house. I would do up some mocks and he would give me a few critiques and the site developed beautifully.

Kevin also being a php wizard has also been a saint and adapted his programming from the random pixel site so that 3.0 is now fully automated. In the past year I have done every album by hand; copy/paste and find/replace have been my friends. No longer though!! Now, once I have my pictures together, I can turn them into albums as fast as I can think of titles and captions!!

photo.phoenixfeather 3.0 will also have a couple of cool little bells and whistles, but I'm going to keep them a secret for now. Nothing big, prolly only things I would get excited about. And it will be a while before all the old albums are updated to the new design, but I plan to get them all there this time; no more some in the first design and some in the second.

Gotta get back to work now. Tonight or tomorrow 3.0 should be LIVE!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Kevin for all your work and support!!

*bounce bounce work bounce bounce*

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January 14, 2005
Clean Clean Screen!!
Blogging , Randomness

Because your screen is never clean enough!!

Thanks to Groovy Mother.com for this one
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January 02, 2005
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and All That Jazz...

We're back from Carmel and Bora Bora and a awfully long day of travel (about 25 hours start to finish)... there are pictures galore coming up soon, and stories to tell and much much much to come when I have a few more hours of sleep in me!!

I hope everyone else's Christmas and New Year was Merry and Bright!!

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November 24, 2004
Memes and Smoking
Air , Blogging , Health

98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy & paste this into your journal.

-From CapriciousK

I have to say I've actually never picked up a cigarette. I know this was due to growing up watching what smoking did to my father. He has quit at this point, thank goodness! I have to say that even without witnessing that, I don't understand where the appeal is to start in the first place. I understand the addiction, just not starting in the first place. *sighs*

Edit: And then Kevin did some research

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November 09, 2004
Comment Spammers Suck!
Air , Blogging

Comment spammers are normally evil... and annoying. Though thanks to Blacklist its easier to deal with. Lately though the spams have been getting weirder and harder to determine.

This post made me feel a little better. At least I'm not the only one.

Thanks to Groovy Mother for finding this and making me feel better.

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October 26, 2004
Posting Delay
Blogging , Life

I feel like I'm neglecting this blog... I do have things to say... I have the whole Baja trip story to tell... its a good one. However I'm holding off for two reasons:

1. I want to coincide the story with the photos going up. I now have only one small photo album left of the Carmel trip before I can choose what my next series will be. There may be a halloween or house photo album insert before the trip, or I might just jump right into the trip, I haven't decided yet.

2. We have a new house, and we have to be out of our old house by the 31st. The washer and dryer are being delivered today and there is packing and cleaning and unpacking galore that has been keeping me busy and away from the blog.

I do promise a cool story coming up complete with beautiful sunsets, white sand beaches, amazing animals, close encounters of the poisonous kind and even PIRATES!!

Stay tuned!

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October 05, 2004
PhoenixFeather Weekly Headlines
Blogging , Life

New Refrigerator Makes An Entrance
We ran all around last night and we finally picked a new fridge which is hopefully being installed on Friday. Woo hoo... This is what it looks like. The only difference between ours and this one is that we didn't get the water filter.

Cat Lounges In Tree - No Firemen Needed
Nym has been a good girl... the feliway air fresheners have drugged our cat into kitten like happiness. Sooo... there has been this scratching post/play ground for kitty that I have been wanting for years. Its shaped like a tree. So has a bribe/treat for being good we got it for Nym. We thought her having it before the move would make the move easier since she would get there and see something that was hers. She adores this thing. Once we showed it to her, she began sitting in it almost non-stop. She almost doesn't sit on the couches with us anymore. It is really the cutest thing ever!!!

This Is Not A Medical Blog
I had a random blood vessel burst last week. It looks so very pretty... many colors and oh so big. People have told me that I should have been posting pictures. I decided I might scare my readers away if I keep grossing you all out with the evil things my body is doing. So I've told you... you don't get to see!! *grin*

Travel: Outdoor Adventures In Baja California
Next Tuesday Kevin and I are leaving for Mexico. Its off to Baja california to Kayak and camp and snorkel in the sea of Cortez. I have ordered a very pretty underwater camera. I'm excited about this trip. I've been working out trying to get in shape for this trip, I've been working hard, but I don't know if it worked. I guess I'll find out next week. I'm so so so so excited!

Coming Up On October 8th: The House That Kevin Bought
We are almost there... pictures and details to come!!!

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October 03, 2004
Late Night Photo Bloggers
Blogging , Fire , Photography

I just think its funny that about 3 photo bloggers posted new photos between 12:30 and 2am on a Saturday night. Home from whatever we are doing and its straight to the photos.

And what was I doing during that time span? working on photos for my next album and waiting for the blanket for the bed to dry. :)

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October 02, 2004
Good Month For PhoenixFeather

September was a good month for PhoenixFeather! All three PhoenixFeather sites reached all time highs!! Check it out! (don't compare the graphs directly to each other, they each have different scales)

(March - May this site was the blog, then it changed)

http://blog phoenixfeather.net
(blog moved here at the end of May)

(My most popular by far!!)

I can't wait to see how october goes!!

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May 18, 2004
On The Move
Blogging , Earth , Photography

So this is sort of a notice that my blog is moving. Change your bookmarks to http://blog.phoenixfeather.net

Not a big change, and not going to happen fully right away, but I wanted to give everyone time to make the change.

So what am I going to do with the phoenixfeather.net site? Well I'll tell you. I am in the process of opening a small photography business which is going to take over the main site. I hope to have the new site up and operational by the beginning of June.

In the meantime I will be slowly making the total change over of the blog to blog.phoenixfeather.net. Currently there is a mirror site at that address, so make the change!!


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May 05, 2004
Air , Blogging , Photography

Great blog you have here. Thanks

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April 28, 2004
Photo Face Lift
Air , Blogging , Photography

I have been considering how I want to redesign the In Pictures... side of my site for a few weeks now. However I have sped up those thoughts due to a link from Random Pixel (a cool Kevin project) which has largely increased traffic my photo blog.

I wanted to better display my photos and take advantage of this opportunity to attract more viewers - so you will now find a mini redo of the photo site has taken effect. Don't fret, a larger redesign is still to come.

I still don't have comments up there, so for now feel free to leave a comment here on my recent album Off The Beaten Path. I will try and get something more specific up very very soon.

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April 24, 2004
The ABC's of Me
Blogging , Fire , Giggles

I got this meme from Blacksheep and thought I would fill it out too. Read at your own risk. ;)

A is for - Age: 25 (26 in a week)
B is for - Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I adore my boyfriend Kevin. And currently he is stuck living with me ;)
C is for - Career in Future: Something in Arts Management. Marketing & Design, Events Planning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Someday way in the future I plan to build my own grounds for the arts: Complete with a tree house theatre.
D is for - Dead person you would like to meet: Jim Hensen or Dr. Seuss.
E is for - Essential item: I'm not sure if I have one, maybe water or something to drink with me all the time.
F is for - Favorite song at the moment: I don't have one "of the moment", however one of my favorites Rhiannon by Stevie Nicks.
G is for - Guy/Girls you've kissed: Kissed with a capitol K (as Blacksheep put it)? 11 I think, give or take a bit. I do however kiss my friends as well, its an expression of love in any form.
H is for - Hometown: East Bloomfield, NY is where I did most of my growing up, but I was born in Lexington, SC.
I is for - Instruments you play: Oboe, Clarinet, Flute, Sax, most any woodwind instrument if you give me a little bit to play with it. Though its been a long time dealing with any of them. I can also play the piano a little bit.
J is for - Job title: Photographer, Arts Manager to be.
K is for - Killed anyone? Nope...
L is for - Living places: Lexington, SC 1978-1979; I forget where, VA 1979-1982, Rochester, NY 1982-1983, E. Bloomfield, NY 1983-1996, Selinsgrove, PA 1996-2000, North Adams, MA, 2000, Pittsburgh, PA 2001-2003, Mountain View, CA 2003-present. Also some summer time in Hollis, NH and Beverly, MA in 1999.
M is for - Memory of the day: Waking Kevin this morning... *giggle* His stubbornness can be used for amusement.
N is for - Number of people you've slept with: 4
O is for - Overnight hospital stays: Not since that whole birth thing.
P is for - Phobias: Really flat wide open places.
Q is for - Quote you like: "I'd give my life to make everyone smile, I'd give my smile to make everyone free." - Miggetes
R is for - Relationship that lasted the longest: I was in a 3 year relationship in the past, my current one with Kevin is about 1 year, 5 months and going great.
S is for - Sexuality: heterosexual.
T is for - Time you wake up everyday: Somewhere between 8am and 11am. I've been getting better since moving to the west coast - my body is still on east coast time.
U is for - Unique trait(s): fun loving, honest, stubborn, ambitious. (I don't know that they are all that unique, but they are true). My only real unique trait (kind of) deals with poking my nose which is a forbidden act so you will never know.
V is for - Vegetable you love: Mushrooms
W is for - Worst habit: Nail biting - though I'm slowly breaking it.
X is for - X-rays you've had: dental, left wrist, left shoulder blade.
Y is for - Yummy food you make: I love to cook and try new things. People seem to really love my pulled pork though.
Z is for - Zodiac sign: Taurus.

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April 18, 2004
The Faces Behind the Pictures
Blogging , Photography , Water
I got to meet quite a few Bay Area Photo Bloggers yesterday. It was great fun. I can't wait to see what we are able to pull off as a group.

Great photos of Marc here: Martin Taylor Photoblography

Alisa also got some good photos: Alisa Mudge

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April 01, 2004
Google Rumors
Air , Blogging , Friends , Questionables???

Google rumors from the girlfriend of a Googler!

Kevin's UI design is so cool! I'm so proud. And I got to be a usability tester several weeks ago!


This blog entry very much amuses me. You should check it out.

12:22 AM
March 15, 2004
Who Am I?
Blogging , Life , Spirit

A little bit about the person writing this silly blog:

My name is Rachel Lea Fisher

Nicknames: I most often go by Rachel or Rachel Lea. I also answer to Rhea. I really don't like being called Rach or Ray, though if you spell the last one Ra I feel a bit more god like and its okay. :)

Where: I live in Mountain View CA with my wonderful boyfriend Kevin. We live in a great townhouse that has a beautiful garden that I now spend lots of time in. Down the street lives my Cat Nym, who will hopefully be coming to live with Kevin and I as soon as we can get him some medicine.

What: What am I and what do I do? Hmmm... well I have a BA in Speech Communications (backgrounds in Theatre, Computers and Philosophy) from Susquehanna University; I also have my Masters in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Since graduating from CMU in May of 2003, I have been in search of a theatre management job (development, marketing, events planning, general management) in the San Francisco bay area, or elsewhere if need be.

In the meantime, I'm playing at being part-time photographer. You can see my photos in the In Pictures... section of my site.

Why: Because life is fun!!!

Want to ask me a question? Please do!

05:34 PM
Good Morning
Blogging , Life , Spirit

Hello and welcome to Phoenix Feather web log: In Words...

Its taken me quite a while, but I have finally gotten my very own blog set up!!! (With lots of help from Kevin. He is wonderful)

I don't know if everything I write will be great and interesting, but please come and read and chat with me. It will be fun!

Overall life is odd, interesting and sometimes crazy - if for no other reason, come here to laugh a bit while I tell the story of my life. *grin*

See you all soon!

04:26 PM