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July 25, 2004
Winters Evening
Friends , Water , music

I recently had a lovely evening with Ali in the small town of Winters, CA (near Davis and Sacramento). Winters is the cutest place, very small town old fashion. Its places like this that remind me of being back east, it relaxes me a bit.

After a very yummy steak, salad and butter (I list the butter and not the bread because well this butter was heaven, I can't really explain the bliss that is this butter. You just have to experience it. And I recommend you do) at the Buckhorn restaurant. It was lovely, even with all the animal heads watching us devour one of their own.

Tummies full and dreams of butter dancing in our heads (I mean it, once Ali turned to me and said "did you say butter?". She was serious! *grin*) we walked across the street to the Winters Opera House. Upstairs in a large old storefront building we found a good-sized room, lined in brick walls, a mural of old ads for local businesses, and a great old stage. Folding chairs had been lined up facing the stage. The front row also included three small circle tables which no one was yet sitting at. Ali and I grabbed the one front and center to prepare for the show.

The evening that in-sued was amazing. The first act, a local group called The Joy Buzzards was a hoot. Three middle aged men with a grand series of instruments: a aluminum standup bass, several good banjo's, a ukulele, a saw, a well used jug and a steel guitar to name a few. The songs were fun, the guys were cool, and I already have permission to visit and photograph the lovely instruments.

Jolie Holland was the headliner act. She was the reason we drove to the little town of Winters in the first place. Ali found Jolie when she was featured on NPR one day. She bought the albums and soon played it for me. I loved it and felt seeing her live was exactly the relaxing experience I needed. I was right.

Jolie Holland has a voice like an angel. She sounds much like Billie Holiday with a smokey, bluesy sweet voice. Also kind of Nora Jones like, but she really does have her own style. I loved her, and I really enjoyed sitting there in the front letting her voice just wash over me.

It was a lovely evening I hope to repeat very very soon. Everyone should check out the music of both of these artists. If you can't find Joy Buzzards music (I haven't really looked yet, I did buy a cd) let me know and I'll put you in touch with the group. Maybe I'll put a sample up on here sometime soon.

Butter on my tongue and a voice like butter in my ears... such bliss!!

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July 12, 2004
Looking on the Bright Side of Life
Fire , Life , Love , music

On the up side...

Kevin and I saw Sarah McLachlan Saturday night. It was exactly the kind of calming beautiful evening I needed.

We sat about 30 seats back at the Berkeley Greek Theatre. The evening was a little cool, but we had sweatshirts and a blanket. The night was beautiful and throughly enjoyed the stars and the sky above us. I only wish I were laying on a hill for this concert.

When I was in high school I used to go to concerts at the Finger Lakes Community Arts Center. I never bought actual seats, I always sat on the lawn. The nice thing at FLCC was that they let you bring a picnic. But the best part really was having a blanket and the sky above me. I could dance if I wanted to, or I could lay on my back and stare at the sky and let the music just rush over me like water.

Good music and a clear sky are two of the most wonderful things in life. I'm considering tickets to see Norah Jones and for that one I will get lawn seats. I don't need to sit in a chair. In fact I'm often against chairs. And I'm very much against being crowded into a little space. I don't need to see the artists face, yeah its quite cool to be up close, but what is really want is just to hear their voice and the instruments and let it all soak into my skin.

Last night (the 11th) was Kevin and I's 1.5 anniversary. Silly I know... but I'm a hopeless romantic. We had a beautiful evening. I picked up some food and we had a picnic at Google and watched the Space Station pass over us on its revolution. Then we drove down to Redwood city to catch site of a Iridium Flare. The flare was pretty cool.

On our way home we tried to find a coffeehouse that we could have a nice drink and play some card games at, but nothing stays open late anymore. Its very sad!!

Overall two nights in a row that were more relaxing than stressful.

I love my boyfriend! And I love life! Ups and downs and everything. :)

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June 08, 2004
Living In A Material World!
Fire , Night Life , music


Wow was that a cool concert! I would almost say it was a Madonna circus - there were even cages and those upside down painted barrels that they have in the circus.

Madonna is amazing. It was great being able to hear her wonderful old songs with the skill of the voice she has developed since doing Evita. And that woman doesn't slack off - she is as skilled a dancer as she is a singer. I can't rave enough about this concert.

There was not a bit of downtime. Madonna took a couple of changing breaks but the musicians kept playing and her dancers and performers kept entertaining the entire time. There was even a moment of reminisce for Kevin as I as Madonna danced in a full kilt with bagpipe player. It was just like being back at CMU - except I have yet to see Madonna there.

Anyway, thats enough babble from me. All I have to say is WOW!!!! *grin*

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May 19, 2004
80's Child
Air , Giggles , music

So I scored an 84 (grr... I didn't get points for a couple I think I should have gotten. billie = billy in my book.) which I guess only proves that I was an 80's child. Its a fun test though!

One thing I learned about myself on this test, its really hard to change songs in my head very quickly. Oh, and you may have a bunch of songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

Thanks to Blacksheep for this quiz.

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