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May 27, 2005
Join World Photo Day

World Photo Day is coming up next Wednesday June 1st! Any photographer (Even if you are picking up a camera for the first time!) who has any interest in this project should sign up now!! You get one day to explore people lives in our world and submit your favorite picture! Then you get to see everyone elses lives through a picture!

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May 26, 2005
New York In Spring - Part Two

Anything you want to tell me feel free!!

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May 24, 2005
Google Poker Showdown

Anything you want to tell me feel free!!

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May 20, 2005
Cousins & Corgis

Anything you want to tell me feel free!!

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The Sith Are Here
Friends , Media

I had a great time seeing Sith last night with Kevin, Karen, Crystal, Gina and Krissy. It was apparently a "names that start with the sound "Ka" night. Just Gina and I being left out.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie. I have to agree with Kevin Smith that "It Doesn't Suck!". Now given, there was the lucus signiture dry acting at flat love scenes. But that has been lucus from the beginning. He is a geek who Kevin and I think has read too many harliquin romance novels.

Most of the plot was a little bit too easy, but we already know the next part of the story, so it has to come together fairly neatly. And some of the overacting by both Vader and the Empirer was quite funny. All that aside I really enjoyed it. It was fun and it moved right through. There were some fun little quirks (I won't give them away) and a lot of great action. Much much better than episodes I & II. And I really enjoyed the evening and the company.

Much goodness last night!!

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May 18, 2005
New York In Spring - Part One

Anything you want to tell me feel free!!

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May 16, 2005
Congraulations to Cyrus & Athena

Congratulations to Cyrus & Athena who got married this weekend!

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May 10, 2005
Sonoma In A Day - Part Two

Anything you want to tell me feel free!!

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May 09, 2005
Let's Go Draw A Pig!!!!

Because I demand Piggies, I will provide you with the ability to do so. Draw a piggie, get your personality analized and then take a screen shot of your piggie and email it to me (rachel at phoenixfeather.net). I'll make a little gallery of my own (my piggie is going to make this sites hall of fame) and we can all check them out!!!!

*does a little piggie dance*

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May 08, 2005
Part Tigger!!
Family , Giggles

My sisters dog Simon is a freak!! And when I mention that he springs straight up into the air like Tigger, well I mean it!!!!!

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May 06, 2005
Sonoma In A Day Part I

Anything you want to tell me feel free!!

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Wisdomless Day 2

So my mouth still feels pretty much fine. A little sore yes, but ya know I had 4 teeth taken out what more can I ask for.

On the downside I seem to be having side effects from the codine. Called the docs office this morning when I woke up with a rather bad headache. The headache keeps moving around my head and its really piercing and evil. Once I got out of bed I almost feel over I was so dizzy.

Doc took me off the codine. We are trying out 4 advil, 4 times a day to see if it will be enough. If not they will prescribe something else.

This is not uncommon for me. I have a tendency to feel worse from the drugs prescribed me than the orignal pain that they are supposed to effect. I don't know if that is totally the case here, the codine i'm sure is working on the pain, its just also causing additional pain.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be feeling better soon. But as far as the teeth go, I'm very please at how I'm doing. woo hoo!!!

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May 05, 2005
I'm a muppet

Thanks to Karen:

Swedish Chef!
You scored 66 Mood and 71 Energy!

You are happy and energetic. People just love being around you and your
infectious energy. You're good at entertaining people without even
trying, and you make a mean lutefiske.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 70% on Mood
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You scored higher than 73% on Energy
Link: The Muppet Personality Test written by TheLadyEve on Ok Cupid

Hmmm... making a lutefiske huh... *ponders* maybe when i can chew again.

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Lip Vs. Tongue
Health , Life

Yeah, I'm having a really really hard time trying to figure out which is my lower lip and which is my tongue. Its really hard. Also, itching is really hard, I can feel the itch on my chin but when i try to itch it i can't really feel it anymore. Really strange... *sighs* so far still so good though. Numb hasn't worn off yet, my mouth is still huge!

So far no drugs... that won't last... but we shall see.

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Fingers Not Swollen
Health , Life

My tongue is HUGE! My entire lower lip and cheeks and chin and neck all feel puffy and not real. But my fingers are fine so I can post. Apparently I'm short 4 teeth, but they threw them out before I could see them.

Oddly I feel mostly fine. I have a little bit of a headache and my mouth is rather dry. We have found a way to get a little water down with a turkey injector but so far I can't make my mouth do much so that I could really drink or eat jello or anything. It will come back eventually. And I'm sure when it does there will be more pain than I'm in right now.

I do get a bit of saliva caught in the front of my mouth and have a hard time getting it to the back to swallow. Oh and my arm hurts from the IV.

I could hear the doctors gossiping at the end of the procedure. I knew they were doing things with my mouth and they were talking about people and their SO's and how stupid people can be, but I don't remember details.

Anyway, thats all for now. Going to watch a movie for a while. Maybe doze off or something. Hopefully eat some jello soon.

I wish I could say la la la, but i don't think I can move my tongue that way.

More updates later....

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May 04, 2005
Wisdom Teeth Away...
Health , Life

I'm finally having my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. I'm just barely on the calm side of terrified.

I have been told since I was a teenager that I would need to lose them. The structure of my mouth is tiny. During my braces years I had to use the key gear that slowly breaks the roof of your mouth and re-heals it slightly larger. I did this twice. Even after that they still had to use size 0 appliances and bend them inward to fit my mouth. My dentist was just happy to make my mouth big enough that my wisdom teeth could come in if not stay.

A some point I made the attempt to have the teeth removed, but when I met the doctor at the consultation I wanted to run and hide he was so mean. I canceled the procedure.

During my grad school years my wisdom teeth were hurting a bit coming in still and so I made the attempt again. However since I was in school and still on my parents insurance and since in Pittsburgh was out of network, so the bill was horrible. They refused to cover my anesthesiologist which was around $500 plus whatever they didn't cover in the doctor fees... well it was way too much for a grad student to pay. Yet again no removal.

Finally I think we are good. I like the doctor he was quite nice. I know the insurance will deal with most of this bill.

So no more excuses, its time to do it. But I'm still terrified. Though on the upside the doctor thinks I can still make it to the preview of Serenity tomorrow night. I really hope it works out, it will be a good distraction.

*quivers in my boots*

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May 03, 2005
Scrabble Kids

Sitting next to an airport restaurant in JFK called "Mex In The City", I hear a young (prolly 9 or 10 years old) boy ask very earnestly at the counter:

"Excuse me, what would happen if you changed the M to an S?"

Not horribly surprising, but the sincerity of the question was so cute!

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Deadly Piggies!!
Giggles , Politics

Its been a while since I demanded piggies and in conjucntion with this article called: "More people are killed every year by pigs than by sharks" I think I should. I don't know if anything will happen if I demand on my site instead of Kevin's. But hey, its still really close to my bday so we'll give it a try....

I have evaluated the risks and...

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JFK Stuck!!!
Air , Family , Travel

I'm sitting at a table in JFK; computer plugged in trying to use the sketchy free internet connection from Jet Blue, camera in lap attempting to catch something of the people in this airport without the wonderful shield I had behind the flight info tv's at LAX. *sighs* the bottoms of those boards are all filled in here, no place for the photographer to hide and photograph feet in peace.

I have much to do though. Many wonderful birthday emails to respond to, just finished de-spamming my blog. Literally thousands of photographs to sort through and a couple cards worth to download too. Blogs and photoblogs to catch up on! I really do wish I could find a hidden spot to photograph feet from.

Oh and there is much to write up about the trip, but I don't think I'll get to that right this moment. Though I will say that Kevin got home to house and Nym Sunday evening and I miss him terribly. But it was still good to travel on a bit and spend a couple days in western upstate NY with my parents and sister. But oh its good to be going home now (had to go back to JFK to get to CA - silly flights).

Oh and in true Rachel style I managed to sprain my ankle on Sunday just before we left for the airport. So now I'm all bandaged up and while feeling better am still a bit tender and rather bruised.

la la la... too many hours to sit here... la la la la la la la la la......

more later!

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