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January 11, 2005
A Lovely Day
Earth , Life

On the upside: Today is Kevin and I's 2 year anniversary since we met. Happy Anniversary sweety.

On the downside: On the on-ramp waiting for a break in traffic to merge onto the Oregon expressway another guy came down the on-ramp behind me in his SUV too fast and straight into my trunk. Thats right folks the SUV's bumper which is higher than mine went right over my bumper and crunched my trunk right up; detached the back of my car from the bumper. *sighs* No one was hurt other than being a bit shook up, maybe some whiplash, but I think it will be okay.

How did his SUV fare you ask? yeah, a couple scratches and a little paint from my car.

*grumble grumble grumble*

look at that, my trunk is being detached from my bumper *sighs*

Ooooooooooh. That is a suckfest. So sorry. Hope things shake out for the better in the end. How are you guys feeling today?

Posted by: Ali at January 12, 2005 08:55 AM

DM and Maki seem to be fine other than the cold they already had. There is one spot on the upper part of my neck which is sore. It started being sore before I went to bed and its a little worse now, but all the other stiffness and headache and everything went away. I'm sure this is just a muscle that stretched for knotted or something and its no worse then what you can wake up with from sleeping wrong, it shouldn't take too long to go away. I haven't been to the doctor yet, and even though this is minor I wonder if I need to go just to document it? I hope not. *shrug* We'll all be okay, but now we have entered into the lovefest that is car insurance claims!!

Posted by: rachel at January 12, 2005 09:01 AM

Y'know, I really think there should be legislation requiring all bumpers to be a standard height, plus or minus 1-2 inches. This accident wouldn't have been half so bad if the parts meant for bearing that kind of abuse had met. Poor little car.

Posted by: Ammy at January 27, 2005 09:45 AM

I totally agree. Thats one of the reasons that driving Kevin's little Mutant (honda civic) bothers me... the car in general is set even lower the the ground than my Subaru was and I don't know how its bumper matches up. But I've been paying close attention to the bumper heights of other cars that I'm interested in, especially while I'm driving so I can see if their bumper heights might meet up with SUV's and other normal cars.

You are right, it should all be standard, I've noticed some cars which would just be screwed worse than I was in this situation.

Posted by: rachel at January 27, 2005 09:53 AM
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