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September 08, 2004
Blackmail Election
Air , Politics

I just don't understand... are they actually threatening retaliation and revenge if we don't reelect Bush/Cheney? Sounds like an hissy fit and a tantrum to me!!


Yeah, that's about the gist of it. Vote for them or the whole country is going down the drain. I wish the PEOPLE would realize that the president has little control over the economy and the unemployment rate. It's coincidence, people! Sigh...I hate George and I hate politics. And don't get me started on Cheney. He's just creepy.

Posted by: Mark at September 8, 2004 10:10 AM

He has little control over the economy and unemployment (though it would be nice if he wouldn't waste our money/debt on his oil acquisition goals), but one wonders how much pull Bush/Cheney have to make this threat come true? *sighs*

Posted by: rachel at September 8, 2004 10:24 AM

That the campaigns of both Bush and Kerry haven't completely shocked America's politically lazy population into conciousness shows just how apathetic we are to the process of government. We elected both of these fools, we hate them both, and yet we want to elect them again - to the highest position of power in the USA.

I don't care how Bush attacks Kerry or Kerry attacks Bush. I don't care how either one distorts facts and figures. I don't care who thinks they can make our country more or less safe. Neither party has proven to me that they have any ability to make government work. We've given them both enough chances to prove their incompetence...let's not endorse their failures by giving them another vote.

Posted by: Ryan at September 8, 2004 02:35 PM

I understand where you are coming from. However I don't think the point of this one is attack is just on Kerry. This sounds to me like a tantrum of ME ME ME! and no one else!


Posted by: rachel at September 8, 2004 04:02 PM

I am completely outraged at how apathetic the public has been about going to war over a terrorist act when the people being attacked had nothing to do with the terrorist act. Osama (who is just a figurehead in the terror game) doesn't live in or associate with Iraq.

I hate Bush. I hope he trips and falls down some stairs or something.

Posted by: Mark Novak at September 8, 2004 07:49 PM

As sorry a voting method as it might be, I fall in the "Anybody But Bush" camp, and I'm not willing to completely throw away a vote on somebody else that has no chance of being elected - it's going to have to be Kerry (as the Daily Show puts it - "the least objectionable alternative to Bush the democratic party could come up with"). This latest commentary by Cheney is just another example of how abhorrent the whole administration is - we are being led by fear and scare tactics. Hey - don't forget to stock up on duct tape!

Posted by: Ali at September 8, 2004 09:16 PM
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