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August 19, 2004
This Is Not My Beautiful House
Air , Domestics , Life

I have been cleaning and organizing our house for weeks now. Kevin moved into this town house about a year ago and I moved in not long after. We have spent most of the year without even really unpacking.

Finally this summer, with a lot of help from Ali I got started on cleaning and organizing the bedroom and then a good start on the living/dining room. After that great start, there ended up being a stack of boxes with semi organized contents stacked in the dining room, the hallway and the office. And the office had yet to be touched.

I managed to ignore this for a while and our world continued to be incomplete. Finally, in my recent urge to try and take control of my world attacked the house. I started this week by organizing the closet in the office and continued by organizing the contents of all the boxes, and creating a livable space. I ordered some really cool filing cabinets as well as a great drafting table.

We haven't gotten the filing part down yet, but i have created a work space for myself as well as a house that doesn't look like we just moved in and isn't full of boxes. Kevin was a huge help last night in the final throws of cleaning. I have a really great sense of completion. ;)

Its amazing... I almost don't believe this is the house I live in!

Woo hoo... I made the house clean, organized and a happy place to live! Now lets look for a new house!!

PS: oh yeah... and I served my first dinner in my nice clean house tonight. Here is the menu, drool away:

Rachel's Special Butternut Squash Soup w/ Goat Cheese
German Marinated Pork Roll
Mini Warm Chocolate Fudge Cakes with Raspberry topping and Raspberries

mmm mmm good!!



Posted by: Ali at August 20, 2004 07:47 AM

Butternut Squash Soup w/ Goat Cheese...ah, Bouchon!

Posted by: Ryan at August 20, 2004 11:33 AM

I've been working on getting my BS Soup recipe close to what I remember having at Bouchon that time we went. I think I've nearly got it!!

Oh and in all of my cleaning I found the menu from Bouchon... I need to go back there! Come on out to visit, we can go! ;)

Posted by: rachel at August 20, 2004 04:59 PM
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