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June 04, 2004
Momma Needs a Brand New Flash...
Fire , Night Life , Travel

So I got back from Los Vegas on Monday. Kevin and I had a great time with his mother and sister (Susie). We took a fabulous hike in Red Rock National Park (I'm planning the Valley of Fire for next trip - it was a hard choice).

We ate a few wonderful meals, saw Penn & Teller, visited The Venetian, Ceasar's Palace, Bellagio and Treasure Island. But it was always home to the Mirage for some late night black jack.

I left Vegas up about $300. That was enough to buy my new Nikon SB-800 flash!!! I can't wait till it comes... I'm giddy!

The weekend was wonderful, but its always nice to be home.

Pictures to follow!


The Valley of Fire is definitely worth the visit. It has a fun, bumpy road out to the park and when you get there, it totally lives up to the name. The deep reds and oranges of the rock make them look like fire - they dance in the desert heat.

Posted by: Karen at June 4, 2004 05:32 PM
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