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June 05, 2004
It's ALIVE!!!!
Fire , Photography

PhoenixFeather Photography is alive!

There isn't a lot of content there yet, but there is one major product that I'm really excited about. The very first PhoenixFeather product is my new Photography Club. Sign up and receive a 5x7 or 8x10 print every month for a year.

But what am I jabbering about, go look!! I think the pages are looking really good, and now that a couple pages have content I think the rest will start to come more quickly.

Also, having worked in a company that creates online database solutions (including ecommerce solutions) I was very surprised how easy Pay Pal made it for me to set up a shopping cart and such. I'm also very happy about their newish policy that a customer doesn't have to sign up to make a payment. So far, I am very pleased.

So now I need to get a client base going!!

Oh! I have set up a mailing list. Its on the photographic services page. Sign up for updates and specials.

Advertising-wise, I am going to do a few ads with Photo Friday, and I know that I need to do more stuff, but first I need the rest of the pages and products up. So anyone who wants to help me advertise (i.e. tell people about me, put a link on your site, etc.) I would be grateful.

Tell people to give your name when they purchase and I'll give you some kind of discount when you purchase. I will formalize that in the next week - I promise.

Okay, thats enough babbling from me for now. I'm just so excited!! Oh, and thank you to Heather Champ for letting me use the photo club idea.

*does a little "my business is open" dance*


Grats, Rachel :) Been trying to get the gf to look into developing her craftiness into a way to generate some additional income via the 'net. Now I can point and say "Lookie! Other people are taking their interests/hobbies and integrating them into a business! It's doable!" She loves all things crafty, and does baby/graduation/birthday/wedding/etc cards and announcements for friends and coworkers...and I'm thrilled that she gets a lot of satisfaction out of it...but there comes a time when you've spent 50 hours on someone's 100 baby announcements when you have to think "Hmm, maybe I should be charging for this..." And once you've thought about THAT, it's a short step to "I wonder if I could develop this a little further and sell/distribute online..."

The problem is, every discussion we get into about it ends with us both grumpy -- me because I hate seeing her get taken advantage of; her because she doesn't like it when I suggest that she not work 50 hours for someone that doesn't really even say "thank you" to you, unless they're paying you.

Woohoo, gotta love relationships. :)

At any rate, grats on the site, it looks great! :)

Posted by: Bix at June 8, 2004 09:41 AM

Bix - My response to you seems to have gotten too long. So it became a post. Enjoy!

Posted by: rachel at June 8, 2004 11:34 AM
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