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March 19, 2004
Do I Dare to Wonderfalls?
Fire , Media

So its possible that there is still hope for good TV. Last night Kevin and I watched the re-aired pilot of the new show Wonderfalls. The show had been recommended to us as a must see for Joss fans. Apparently one of the main minds on the project also worked very closely with Joss (was supposed to take over guidance of Firefly for him among other things).

So we sat down, unsure what we were going to be watching. Much to my amazement, I still don't know what it was I watched, but I loved it. I haven't really laughed at a tv show like that since Buffy or my intro to Firefly.

I don't know if I could tell you exactly what its about. Their is a girl who works at Niagara Falls (One flaw: they claim to be on the American/New York side - However if you grew up only an hour and a half from the falls you can tell quite easily that they are on the Canadian side. I mean why would you want to tape on the American side, Canadian side has much better views) and is kind of depressed because her life isn't really going anywhere. She works in a gift shop, blah blah... that is till a deformed wax lion begins talking to her and telling her to do odd things.

That is really about all I could tell you about the show. It's hilarious and has promise and the second episode is on Fox tonight at 9pm. I recommend setting your TiVos, tape recorders or being in front of the tv tonight. I know itís a Friday night, but this show may be worth it.